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Individual Services


Following the experience of University many graduates feel a lack of direction in how to apply their degree subject. Some markets will be oversubscribed and jobs will be scarce and alternatives have to be considered. Others will have embarked on a degree which is not totally what they envisaged. Our psychometric assessment for graduates is designed to ensure they have a clear view of their direction while remaining practical and motivated in rethinking their career future.
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Planning the future, taking into account the long term impact of decisions made today calls on so many factors to be taken into account. As experts in career decision-making and career management we offer a comprehensive, career focused service. The service places emphasis on further education either through vocational courses or more commonly university entrance.
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Executive Career Management

Your career and lifestyle is equally important in planning to reach your ultimate career goals. Your progress will be monitored over a six month time scale. With our support, you will be able to keep to your career plan, modify it as circumstances change and overcome obstacles to ensure you make progress, ultimately leading to positive results and a sense of achievement.
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Professional Career Development

You may be questioning whether you are using your abilities, talents and qualifications to your full potential, what plans you could make to accelerate your career progression, or if it is sensible to embark on something completely new. The service will highlight the areas on which you should concentrate, how this meets with your needs and how you can turn this knowledge into reality.
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Interview Skills

Our highly successful Interview Skills, once learned, can be used over years of career progression. This service is designed to teach you techniques to help beat the competition, overcome your natural anxieties and help you prepare thoroughly to make the very best of your opportunity to secure the job. Our Interview Skills Training is highly effective and has a powerful psychological approach.
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Executive Coaching

Coaching is concerned with raising standards of workplace delivery and effectiveness. While this can span business, functional and personal skills, the key message is that coaching is a personally tailored learning approach to management development. It is about taking skills to new levels.
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Career Counselling

Our psychologists offer a highly confidential and professional service. Your stress may stem from a broken relationship, an illness, bereavement, bullying or other difficult work situations including the stress associated with being made redundant or being unhappy in the wrong job. These issues and more can be addressed with a plan of action that will assist you to put things into perspective and gain more control over events.
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Career Development

The Career Development Service will help you if you have few qualifications and feel a lack of direction. With our psychometric assessment you will be able to identify the career areas that will be most interesting, suitable and rewarding. The psychometric assessment is not a pass or fail experience, it is designed to highlight important aspects of your aptitudes, interests and personality characteristics ensuring that the outcome is practical and realistic. With the knowledge you gain you will be able to confront the barriers to change and development. We will support you for six months following your assessment to give you every opportunity to make progress.
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