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The Independent

"Get on the Coach."

What's the best way into arts administration?
And how can I use my people-helping skills?

"Development Issues."

Is teaching English in Europe an option?
Can my 'itchy feet' take me into working in Africa?

"Make it Count."

Is my passion for maths the right solution?
Should my son drop a course he doesn't like?

The Guardian

"Last minute jobs that will serve your career well."

From fast food to fast track - most skills are transferable

"Are you a candidate from heaven or from hell?"

When it comes to job interviews are you a textbook example of professionalism?
Or do you break all the rules - consciously or otherwise?

"Does the early bird catch the interview slot?"

Avoid a breakfast call or the late, late show when fixing a diary date

"When glam is a sham."

Careers that are less glamorous are often far more satisfying and enjoyable
says Karen Hainsworth

"Come out of hibernation."

Barbara Oaff offers six ways to stay on course
with your work through long, dark winter days

"Warming up the cold call."

Looking for first job openings?
Pick up your phone and ferret them out, says Amy McLellan

The Observer

"Jumping off the treadmill? Don't fall into debt."

Some 2.6m people got out of the rat race by downshifting last year.
The wise ones tidied up their finances first

"Get out before you get in a rut."

Our series on career changes highlights why it's vital to move early

The Telegraph

"I'm always adding strings to my bow"

More and more people are finding that one career at a time
just isn't enough to keep them focused and fulfilled, discovers Bryony Gordon

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