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Expert corporate services for assessment and development of staff within your organization

Good quality employees contribute in many ways. In helping to create profit they are highly skilled, they have specific knowledge, they are efficient and they are good communicators either technically or verbally. Selecting and developing good quality personnel eventually impacts on the bottom line. Therefore creating a progressive environment that includes training and development enhances your organisations strength while dealing with its weaknesses. Good managers inspire others, encourage, mentor and set a good example. This pervades throughout sectors and departments, keeping standards high while reducing complacency.

Career Psychology offers a range of services using the most advanced psychometric assessment tools:

In Staff Selection:

Cut your costs and increase the quality and retention of your staff with our Staff Selection Programme.

Our excellent selection programme involves state of the art psychometrics designed to analyse exactly what each new individual will bring to your organisation over and above those most desired traits that will form part of your selection process. Furthermore we can assist you to determine exactly what your needs are in selecting the next person on-board. The individual can be so well matched to your needs that their impact is evident in the first few months.

The alternative is to take a gamble and wait six months to see how someone turns out. In that time, if you have selected the wrong person, the damage may already be done. Let us show you how our programme can bring you the selection power your need.

Call to book a demonstration of how this programme could work for you.

Staff Career development:

Encouraging and rewarding your most valuable staff will insure the quality of your output whether you are in manufacturing, health, IT, Finance Advertising Marketing or any other service industry including NGOs. With our Staff Career Development Programme you will build strong management with strong teams. You will quickly be able to assess training needs and budget over time to put these in place. With the right people in the right place and succession planning implemented you can attract the right people for the job, build winning teams to be proud of and build your organisations reputation to challenge the external competition, protect and develop you place in the market and reach your planned targets.

Interviewing Skills for Selection

Cut your time and costs with our Interview Skills One Day Programme. Your interviewers will learn the most essential skills in thoroughly analysing future staff to fit particular roles. The programme includes a check list of the areas that need to be addressed. It teaches individuals to cover all aspects of a good interview and to include checks and probes where necessary. Once learned these skills can be passed down to others in the organisation, keeping the standards high and your recruitment procedure highly professional to attract the right people.

Outplacement Programme

Our comprehensive programme includes:

  • Psychometric assessment including personality, aptitude and occupational interests
  • Career Development to identify and plan career and training needs.
  • CV Service
  • Interview skills
  • Confidence Building
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