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Psychometric Assessment for Career Development

To obtain in-depth knowledge of your aptitudes, personality characteristics and occupational interests we use a process of psychometric assessment. These assessments are designed to measure three principle areas:

Aptitude Assessments

Discovering your strengths and weaknesses as an employee. These are assessments covering a wide variety of aptitudes, which help discover main strengths and weaknesses. They assess a range of reasoning skills used in various types of problem solving. Thus each assessment is quite different and the object is to identify main strengths e.g. are you good with verbal reasoning, or numerical reasoning; are you artistic; or do you have potential for technical tasks?

Personality Profiling

Psychometric assessment to match your personality to a career direction. These questionnaires provide descriptions of aspects of character and are important in helping to identify the environment in which you are most likely to succeed. They will cover issues such as; are you best suited to managing a team or taking instructions; are you best suited to working with a number of people or on your own; do you like working at a steady pace or to deadlines; can you work in a caring occupation or are you better suited to a technical environment?

Occupational Interests:

Find the career path that interests you. The choice of occupation is decided through a detailed analysis of questions related to a vast variety of tasks. The results are analysed together with the other psychometric assessments providing valuable information to focus more accurately on optimum choices.

A note about Psychometric Assessments

Important things to know about psychometric assessments

The main reason for taking aptitude assessments is to help you realise your potential by highlighting your strongest skills. This will help enhance your enjoyment of work, as you will have the opportunity to develop these skills to their fullest potential. These assessments are the most effective means of ensuring that decisions are based on true, objective potential and not subjective assumptions.

You cannot fail aptitude tests when taking them for your own career development. Some results may be lower than others and low results would suggest you might find it difficult to work successfully in an occupation that makes demands on that particular aptitude.

Many people feel nervous about taking assessments, especially when they are part of a job selection procedure, when you are subjected to a pass or fail. However, when you are taking assessments for career development purposes, the main objective is to discover your strengths.

The British Psychological Society's (BPS) Test Standards Committee, exercise control over who is authorised to use these assessments and the professional training required. We abide by BPS test standards and code of ethics.

Further information on psychometric tests can be found at the BPS page on 'Psychological Testing: A User's Guide'

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