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Executive Coaching Service

As you make progress and your responsibilities increase you will be making more demanding decisions some that have much wider implications. You will be more successful if your decision making is based on solid information, knowledge, experience and applied intelligence. Your level of effectiveness and ability to deliver will be based on your management style and strategy.

Part of the individual coaching mission is to guide you in setting realistic goals and allow you the opportunity to build on your strengths and optimise your skills to be more successful. This will become evident in your ability to lead, delegate and mentor others who will be important in assisting you to contribute to a high quality of work output and a healthy bottom line result.

In achieving this, your work life balance will be an important component. Research shows that those who have a healthy work-life balance achieve more.

There are several steps to becoming more powerful & more productive:

  • Effective goal-setting
  • Clarifying your vision and mission
  • Developing strategies for getting results
  • Delegation and empowerment - managing through others
  • Better understanding of people management
  • Managing risk under pressure to perform well
  • Continued learning and development

You will benefit from a series of confidential, supportive, non judgemental coaching covering a range of topics including:

  • Increased awareness of your behavioural patterns
  • Constructive approaches in managing others
  • Confidence in your ability to deal with difficult situations
  • Taking a realistic look at and utilising your true strengths
  • Your style of communication and how it can be developed
  • A higher level of achievement with visible results
  • A balanced lifestyle

You will leave each session with renewed energy, focused on your goals and knowing how to achieve results. You will have discussed pressing problems and examined possible solutions leaving you free to take action and measure your progress.

Fee: £600.00 + VAT - Total fee for first three sessions.

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

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