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Executive Career Management Service

A career should be a healthy challenge matched with appropriate reward. If this is not the case for you then it is time to take action. We can help you to take intelligent action; prioritise and plan your medium and long term strategy, look forward to making progress, overcome obstacles and have definite goals to enjoy the journey of change.

The Executive Career Management Service is for you if you:

  • Are thinking of leaving your present job
  • Have peaked at a managerial or professional level and considering your next move
  • Want to explore the practicalities of making a complete change but fear it is too late
  • Are self employed facing changes
  • Are threatened with redundancy; want to plan your strategy
  • Are working in a family business and planning the next phase of your career

The last year will seem to have gone very quickly, imagine with the right professional advice from the career management experts what you could achieve in the year ahead. Making a decision to change is at least half the journey, the rest is knowledge and action

Executive Career Management Programme:

There are three stages to the ECM service:

STAGE 1. Psychometric Assessment, taking a total of approx. 2 hours 30mins, including:

  • aptitudes, (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning)
  • personality
  • occupational interests

All of the above are sent on line and can be completed in three separate sessions.

STAGE 2. Consultation 2 hours:

  • feedback of results
  • analysing the best way forward
  • career planning

STAGE 3. Telephone Consultation 1 hour:

  • Fine-tuning the plan, setting mini targets for the ultimate goal

FEE FOR THIS SERVICE: £1,250.00 (+ £250 vat) TOTAL £1,500

Following your psychometric assessment and consultations further information will be available from your consultant by telephone or email. The fee is charged in half hourly increments at £125.00 per hour + vat.

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

What Our Clients Say

"I was impressed with the understanding and analysis of my situation and delighted with the recommendations."
Claire Milner

"After two years of deliberating, I finally took the step to make serious changes in my life. Career Psychology provided me with valuable input to the entire equation. The support was excellent."
Harry Cohen

"I kept in touch with my consultant on a regular basis and was impressed with the advice and encouragement. I could not have succeeded without their help."
Phillip Thompson

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