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Professional Career Development Service

Having spent years studying and working to gain professional status, the decision to change has to be very carefully thought through. Whether you are considering partnership, further training, a new direction within your profession or a complete change. You may be questioning whether you are using your abilities, talents and qualifications to your full potential, and what plans you could make to accelerate your career progression, or whether it is viable to embark on something completely new. In considering the options open to you we think it important to take into account your lifestyle, your aspirations and your personal philosophy. All these areas will be addressed in our Professional Career Development Service so that the final outcome leaves you in no doubt about the area in which you should concentrate; how this meets with your needs and how you can turn this knowledge into reality.

Every aspect of the possibilities available and the consequences of change must be taken into account. We can help you make a decision based on practicalities, provide sound advice to help you make the right decision and carry it through successfully.

The Professional Career Development Service is suited for individuals who:

  • Are age 25 years+
  • Need help on deciding on their next career step to maximise their opportunities
  • Have very stressful work conditions and want to look for alternative challenges
  • Would like to see career options available and professionally plan the change step by step
  • Want to enhance their career success but not join the 'rat race'
  • Are heading towards becoming executives or senior professionals and partners

We offer an excellent quality of personality assessment vital in enhancing your self knowledge, self awareness and personal development opportunities: all essential in using your particular strengths to great advantage.

The Professional Career Development Service will provide you with:

  • High quality, insightful on line psychometric testing.
  • Telephone consultation with an experienced occupational psychologist.
  • Psychometric report described in detail in plain English.
  • Sound, practical career recommendations matching your needs.
  • Career Information and details on how to make a positive start.

STAGE 1. On line Psychometrics

  • Aptitudes (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning).
  • Personality assessment.
  • Occupational Interests.

These can be completed in three separate sessions, taking a total of approximately 2 hours 30mins.

STAGE 2. Telephone consultation 2 hours: with an occupational psychologist

  • Feedback of results.
  • Analysing the best way forward.
  • Career planning.

STAGE 3. Report

You will receive an in-depth written report, which includes an interpretation of your aptitude scores, personality and occupational interests. This will further allow you to understand where your main work-related strengths and interests lie. This report will also include the recommendations given by the psychologist.

Fee: £900.00 + VAT

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

What Our Clients Say

The process was highly professional, thorough and resulted in a career direction I had never thought of.
Alan Wilson, Manchester

Friends had used the service so I expected a lot and I was not disappointed. I have so much to look forward to.
Eric Trent, Birmingham

I was so stressed in my job and a friend advised me to contact you. From the moment I made the appointment I felt better. The service was brilliant. My thanks go to everyone involved.
Sandra Nielsen, Gloucestershire

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