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Interview Skills Training

Our highly successful Interview Skills, once learned, can be used over years of career progression. This service is designed to teach you techniques to help beat the competition, overcome your natural anxieties and prepare thoroughly to make the very best of your opportunity to secure the job.

To be well prepared, you need to:

  • Make a strong impression when you meet the interviewer
  • Demonstrate confidence in your abilities and experience
  • Show how your experience will be an asset
  • Be excellently presented in every detail
  • Understand and project appropriate body language
  • Develop techniques to handle difficult questions
  • Lower anxiety and increase confidence

Our confidential two hour, one-to-one interview training will help to enhance your interview skills, so that you feel able to contribute your best to the interview. Your motivation and confidence can be raised and an excellent strategy developed, giving you the chance to be confident and relaxed , despite the stress and uncertainty often caused by the interview challenge.

Fee: £ 250.00 + VAT. - Two hours intensive one to one training.

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

What Our Clients Say

"I have never learnt so much of value in the time available."
Sonia Wells

"The session has impacted on other areas of my life, I learnt something significant and even enjoyed the interview, and I got the job."
Shauna Michells

"I was shortlisted many times and never made it to No.1. My confidence plummeted and I needed professional help. It was excellent; I am looking forward to the next interview."
Rex Herman

"My technical skills far outweighed my ability to verbally communicate. I learnt to stay true to myself, remain calm and to feel less threatened. I am now gainfully employed having been successful at the last interview."
Patrick Naylor

"I had all the boxes ticked and knew I was right for the job but the competition was very high and I didn't even get short listed. It became a series of rejection over 8 months until I undertook an amazing training session with Siobhan. I have recommended many others. I cannot describe the process it is different to all I had imagined. It was totally focused on my particular needs."
Geoffrey Miller

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