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The service is highly effective for individuals currently studying for their GCSE's or A' Levels. It is an opportunity to assess how powerfully the course and/or subjects already chosen can be linked to future educational choice and where the subject choices will eventually lead into the workplace. We ensure that we accurately identify the individual's abilities, personality characteristics and occupational interests, and apply these when making realistic recommendations. We have a long history of helping students and as a result over 90% of our new student clients hear about us from other people, usually parents or other relatives, rather than the media. We offer you the opportunity to objectively asses the options available and to help you make the right decisions regarding the relevance of further study leading to the right career path and, in due course, to highly rewarding employment.

Our Student Service Offers

Psychometric Assessment

Quality top of the range on-line tests that have been carefully selected for this service to investigate;

  • Aptitudes (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning - to ascertain your strongest aptitude)
  • Personality characteristics (what type of working environment you would best fit in)
  • Occupational interests (highlighting areas to match your highest aptitude and personality characteristics).

These tests are not passed or failed; they are used to ascertain individual's chief strengths in order to identify the most appropriate course of study and subsequently career. This first important step will greatly assist in intelligently planning ahead for the future.

Telephone Consultation

Following on-line testing, you have access to one hour of telephone consultation with one of our Consultant Occupational Psychologists, who will provide detailed feedback from the psychometric assessment, discussing important issues that are crucial to career planning. The assessment will provide more self- knowledge and a deeper insight, to help make the best use of your skills, your interests and personal characteristics

After The Consultation

Not only will you receive a great deal of information on the day, we will be researching on your behalf to gather the relevant information you will need to make a good start on your career journey. You will receive an in-depth written report, which includes an interpretation of your psychometric assessment. The report will provide you with:

  • Insight into your personality and your study / work-based strengths and weaknesses
  • An assessment on the further and higher education and career options available to you.
  • Recommendations on those careers which best suit your strengths and ambitions
  • Advice on how and where to obtain voluntary and full-time employment in your recommended areas.

Fee: £450.00 + VAT

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

Please visit our Educational Planning page.

What Our Clients Say

"I have just completed my degree and have a new job to go which I heard about on the ...It was just as you said. You had identified my career and knew just what I should look for. As a consequence when I was interviewed I felt positive, enthusiastic and more confident than usual."
Sarah Clarke

"I have never had any ambition so thought that it would be really difficult to identify the right career for me. However the psychometric assessment was very helpful in narrowing down my options. Coupled with your excellent advice I have found it much easier than anticipated and am looking forward with renewed optimism."
Simon Jeffries

"My degree subject was not all I hoped for. I worried that it would be hard to find work I would enjoy. Your analysis of my situation and clear advice was very reassuring and highly practical. My stress level is reduced and I am much happier."
Andy McKinnon

"Having made two moves in the wrong direction, I came to see you feeling very fed up. The results were revealing and reassuring so that I was able to re-generate my career and get back on track."
Rebecca Bingham

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