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Educational Planning for Students

Deciding on Higher Education

  • Once you know your exam results identify your career choice
  • Identify what is the best course of study that will get you there
  • Establish where the best place is for you to study this subject
  • Which options on your course will be most valuable to building your career
  • What teaching methods are used to help students develop these skills. What voluntary / work experience will benefit you now and later?
  • What hobbies and interests and activities will show your strengths
  • Notice which experiences really motivate you and write them down
  • Should you take a year out and make the most of opportunities to travel
  • Is it worth your while to learn, develop and practice a second language?

You could discover answers to all of the above areas with advice from Career Psychology to identify your abilities, interests, skills, and personality characteristics and through having a highly practical, realistic plan to assist you to reach your educational/career goals.

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