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Career Development Service

We can offer you our expert advice on whether your current or past career is suitable for you and determine whether the next move is to be based on developing current skills or a complete career change. The service allows you to base your next career move on sound, practical and up to date information. We will discuss relevant training needs where there is sound reason for taking a course.

There are many reasons for feeling nervous in changing location, leaving a familiar work environment or returning to the workplace following a career break; technology has become more sophisticated and could be daunting, the pace of life has changed and employers are more demanding.

To overcome your nervousness you will need sound advice and information to enjoy making the changes necessary to ensure you give yourself every opportunity to succeed.

The Career Development Service is suited for individuals who:

  • Have some work experience but are looking for something more fulfilling
  • Have few qualifications and are nervous about taking psychometric assessments
  • Are leaving the Armed Services
  • Have experience but need to plan their retraining
  • Are looking to return to work after a career break
  • Want to return to work following an illness
  • Need to re-establish their career following divorce or separation

There are three stages to our Career Development Service:

Psychometric Assessment

Our assessments are carefully designed to reveal information regarding your aptitudes, skills and personality characteristic. Thus, we look at your aptitudes so you can understand how you can play to your strengths. We look at your personality characteristics to give you further insight and we look at your occupational interests to analyse ways of making your career more interesting. This takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Telephone Consultation

Following assessment, you will spend one and a half hours on the telephone with one of our consultant psychologists, who will provide detailed feedback from the psychometric assessment, discussing important issues that are crucial to career planning. This is where your assessment results will be most helpful, as they will confirm your strongest areas. With these results in mind and with a deeper knowledge of your personality characteristics as well as the occupational areas that you find most interesting. Your consultant psychologist will help you identify your options, define your goals and plan objective, detailed and constructive course of a action for your career, taking into account potential obstacles and opportunities.


You will receive an in-depth written report, which includes an interpretation of your aptitude scores, personality and occupational interests. This will further allow you to understand where your main work-related strengths and interests lie. This report will also include the recommendations given by the psychologist.

Fee: £650.00 + VAT

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for a very interesting and informative day. I am so pleased to have found a brilliant way forward, especially one where I can pay off my debts!"
Lucy Cornell, Suffolk

"Thank you for your excellent advice; I should have come to see you years ago"
Sonia Meadows, Glasgow

"I didn't expect so much to happen in one day. I am recommending several of my friends to come and see you. I wish I had known about you earlier."
Malcolm Foster, Essex

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