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Career Counselling Service

At some time in our personal life or at work, most of us will face a crisis. We carry on as best we can and, unless we take the time to address the wear and tear of difficult situations; underlying stresses continue to drain our energy. Most people find it therapeutic to talk about their problems, whether personal or work related.

Our Career Counselling Service is a confidential one hour one-to-one service that can focus on career-related or personal issues. For those wishing to discuss career-related decisions, for example, this session can help you decide between two or more occupational areas that might take you in very different directions, by providing an unbiased expert opinion and advice on the possible outcomes and therefore the best possible choice taking all you circumstances into account.

  • Have stress at work
  • Family problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Low self-esteem & low confidence
  • Don't know which career direction to take
  • Want to prioritise a number of problems
  • Want to improve your quality of life by taking control over outstanding issues

Fee: £125.00 + VAT per hour

Call 020 7887 4585 to discuss your specific requirements and to book this service.

What Our Clients Say

I finally took the steps to tackle my problems. Your advice and clarity was magical. Not only do I feel better but I have taken action and experienced life without the high level of stress I had become accustomed to."
Richard Weston

I was so confused about which the next step following my partners re-location, My job, my family and my responsibilities for my aging parents all needed to be addressed, your advice was invaluable."
Angela Thompson

Having separated from my partner and moved to a new job, I found myself unable to cope with a particularly stressful working environment. Your advice and support was so insightful in my decision making. The organising of a step by step program to prioritise and deal with each area was particularly helpful."
Sandra Bingham

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