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Career Planning for Graduates

How To Prepare A Job Hunt

  • Begin by asking yourself what type of job will satisfy you? i.e. ascertain and prioritise your key career drivers (need for status, financial rewards, work-life balance, helping others)
  • Determine how you work best with others, i.e. do you prefer to be a leader, being a team member or to work on your own?
  • Establish the interpersonal skills you would use in relation to others (i.e. listening, encouraging, persuading)
  • What do you enjoy doing now? i.e. hobbies and interests in your spare time
  • What benefits will you gain from part-time work while you study or during the holidays
  • Once you have noted all of the areas you strive for in a job, begin to relate these into career options.

You could discover answers to all of the above areas with advice from Career Psychology to identify your abilities, interests, skills, and personality characteristics and through having a highly practical, realistic plan to assist you to reach your career goals.

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